The hired stalker

Sometimes, I feel like I am stalking people.

In order to get a story run or even to get a little bit of attention from the media, it really is like you have to stalk them: phone, email, Twitter, email again, LinkedIn, Facebook, phone again. It’s almost a little scary and at times, I’m a little annoyed with myself.

Being new at this, I guess I am standing in my own way by feeling that this is an awkward position to be in because, frankly, this is what PR practitioners do when their client needs (or wants) the attention (side note. It seems that even if the reporter that you want to connect with is a personal contact, you still have to be on their heels to make sure that they are on the story. I guess that’s ok. People have been doing it for a long time and it’s proven effective, a few journalists may be annoyed but it seems that they appreciate the stories as well, especially when they are in a lull. I mean, that’s why advertisers and sponsors pay them, so they can write the stories that will attract the readership of potential clients for the sponsors and advertisers.

With that, I am about to go stalk someone who did not give me his contact information while battling this insane caffeine headache. So many reasons not to drink coffee.

What can I say? Gotta PUSH!



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