Qualities of a great publicist

I’ve decided to step back and build. I want to become a better publicist so I am researching the habits of highly effective publicists. I started here. Enjoy!

Qualities of a great PR firm [publicist]
*Organized – A good agency will set and stick to deadlines.  A great agency won’t make you ask about the status of a deliverable – they’ll communicate along the way.

*Stellar media chops – Do they have your key journalists on speed dial?  Are they BFF’s with the influencers in your space?  Often, good agencies do bad work because they are supporting clients where they have no domain expertise.  Ask for relevant account portfolios to ensure that they aren’t learning everything on your dime.  You can save time and money by doing your homework and hiring an agency with prior industry experience.

*Genuine partners – When the going gets tough, are they working late hours alongside you?  Or are they nowhere to be found the night before the tour when a blizzard hits Boston and you need to rebook a full week of meetings?  A
great agency will feel like an extension of your team.  They will have a clear understanding of your topline objectives and they will go the extra mile to get you there because success is shared.  A big win for you is a big win for them.

*Detail oriented – Page numbers on every doc without exceptions.  Reporter phone numbers. Directions to the next meeting.  PR lives and dies by the details.  The difference between a good meeting and a bad meeting is often a well constructed or poorly constructed briefing sheet.  These are typically drafted by interns.  Is someone senior reviewing their work before it gets to your inbox?

*Whip smart – As the client, you’re wearing branded blinders and drinking the Kool-Aid every day. A good agency will flag relevant trends and articles and pull you out of the weeds.

*Proactive – Relevant ed-cals from reach publications?  That new, hot industry
conference?  Beat reporters moving publications? Your agency should be
all over this and you shouldn’t have to ask for it, it should just show up in your inbox.

*Trust – Ultimately, great agency relationships are based on trust.  These are the people who will call the press on your company’s behalf.  They are the front line storytellers for your company’s narrative.  Do you trust them to tell your story? Get key facts and figures right? Accurately represent your position in the market? Save your CEO if a briefing is going completely off the rails? Help you navigate a crisis?  Cover day to day operations if you need to be offline for a day?


Once again awake: Content Strategy

PR is transforming. Day by day, clients are expecting more from the publicist. One thing that is being requested, is social media management. That’s fine and dandy but you can’t just use words to convey a message to any given audience.

People don’t read, so you can’t expect people to read.

In steps content strategy.

According to Forbes….according to Wikipedia (can’t really use wikipedia as a source so I guess it’s valid through the filter of Forbes? Meh) content strategy is “…the practice of planning the content creation, delivery, and governance. A repeatable system that defines the entire editorial content development process…”

Anyway, I’m not going to dwell on it too much because I am tired….it is late. So here’s a list of books that I will be buying soon to introduce myself to and immerse myself in the world of CS.

Good night, PR mavens!

Goals here, there and everywhere!

Though I swore to myself that I would be having a “Goal Setting Party” this weekend, it didn’t happen…..sad story.

As my Saturday night becomes my Sunday morning, let’s talk a little bit about goals then shall we?

1. A Better Relationship With God: If you do not know, I am a Believer in and follower of Christ…..well, as of late, not so much the follower part. Let’s be honest, I have fallen of in a way that I am not proud of. I want to go back. Step one: Open the doors of Communication via Bible reading and prayer. Can’t have a relationship without conversation now can we? Step two: Fellowship and accountability. I’ve always been a member of a church but I don’t think I’ve ever committed to a body of believers. A friend of mine sat in Ben & Jerry’s and spoke a little about this, “We’re made to be with other people….God gave us each other to help out.” These have been things that I’ve always known and even lived by at least in college (trust me, at a Christian college, you understand community. Graduating is a weird thing because you are ripped out of the Christ-loving bubble you were so safe in). It’s time to make some grown-up relationships that are not based on our love for certain subjects or people but Christ’s love.

2. Perpetually clean room: …they say geniuses are messy, I must be a genius. I’ve been finding my messy space to actually be more of a distraction than anything right now. When I was commuting back and forth to school or work, I didn’t spend much time in more room, not as much as I thought I did anyway. Now that I am working from home and taking online courses, it is not only where I sleep, eyes closed for like 5-12 hours with no way of seeing the debris, but it is where I get work done. Step one: CLEAN THE ROOM!!!! This is actually quite hard. It gets a little frustrating when I am doing it. My head begins to feel congested and I simply don’t want to do it!!! But gotta get’er done Step two: always putting things back where they belong when I am through with them. I hear it takes 30 days to create a habit, maybe if I do it long enough, it’ll become my nature to be clean.

3. Read 12 books: This amounts to a book a month. Totally doable! This one isn’t too hard, I guess. Find the book and get to reading. I may have to tweak this one later.

4. Have 3 paying clients at all times: So this one may be a little harder. This one may take a little more planning but I do know that it is a goal. I currently have one and have a meeting on Monday with a potential. I need to start networking again and seeing where the prospects are. The steps to this have yet to be developed as I’ve been moving on dumb luck and not so much skill, I really am looking to the book I am reading for some ideas on better ways to conduct business as a freelancer.

5. Losing weight: My ultimate goal is to be 150 with a current starting weight of….uh, I’ll let the other blog speak to this issue a little more. Step one: change eating habits. I’m currently living on a pescetarian diet for this month to see how I like it and whether I can sustain it. Step two: start with exercising 3 days a week. Gotta love those wee hour workouts; they really do start the day off on an interesting foot!

There are many more goals that I have and I do wish that I’d been able to take the time and map them out over the weekend. I think I’ll make the attempt on Sunday. The way to achieve your goals is to know them and work toward them constantly.

…I don’t really have a kicker for this post. I’m a little tired so it will have to end on a bland note.

Ok bye!