Code-switching: How to date a publicist

While sitting in front of the bank last week, I received my daily email from alerting me of the top stories when one title caught my eye: How to date a PR professional. Interesting subject matter on a site all about communications. I mean relationships are based on communication but not really this kind. It was an interesting breakdown of four things to consider, in short: our relationships are our top priority, we’re very positive, we know what’s hot and what’s not and we’re incredibly efficient. Obviously more detail was put into it so if you want to read it feel free! The original list actually includes 5 thing and is featured here.

When a friend and I were talking about dating and the reasons we are not in a relationship, she said that I needed someone that would be able to handle my code-switching, as she called it. By this, she was referring to the ability to remain the same person but apply the appropriate personality to the crowd that I am with. So, this makes me sound like I have multiple personality disorder but I assure you that is not what she was getting at.

Considering that PR people have to maintain a million different relationships with a million different kinds of people, they need to be adaptable to different groups, switching interests, conversational styles, vernacular and anything else that can be related to a culture, often times within the same room.

In short, to date me, you have to deal with my mild personality disorder that’s not really a disorder but more of an occupational hazard. Hey, it could be fun! We could jump from crowd to crowd pretending to be different people.

I mean, if you can keep up with the quick changes anyway.



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