Code-switching: How to date a publicist

While sitting in front of the bank last week, I received my daily email from alerting me of the top stories when one title caught my eye: How to date a PR professional. Interesting subject matter on a site all about communications. I mean relationships are based on communication but not really this kind. It was an interesting breakdown of four things to consider, in short: our relationships are our top priority, we’re very positive, we know what’s hot and what’s not and we’re incredibly efficient. Obviously more detail was put into it so if you want to read it feel free! The original list actually includes 5 thing and is featured here.

When a friend and I were talking about dating and the reasons we are not in a relationship, she said that I needed someone that would be able to handle my code-switching, as she called it. By this, she was referring to the ability to remain the same person but apply the appropriate personality to the crowd that I am with. So, this makes me sound like I have multiple personality disorder but I assure you that is not what she was getting at.

Considering that PR people have to maintain a million different relationships with a million different kinds of people, they need to be adaptable to different groups, switching interests, conversational styles, vernacular and anything else that can be related to a culture, often times within the same room.

In short, to date me, you have to deal with my mild personality disorder that’s not really a disorder but more of an occupational hazard. Hey, it could be fun! We could jump from crowd to crowd pretending to be different people.

I mean, if you can keep up with the quick changes anyway.



Goals here, there and everywhere!

Though I swore to myself that I would be having a “Goal Setting Party” this weekend, it didn’t happen…..sad story.

As my Saturday night becomes my Sunday morning, let’s talk a little bit about goals then shall we?

1. A Better Relationship With God: If you do not know, I am a Believer in and follower of Christ…..well, as of late, not so much the follower part. Let’s be honest, I have fallen of in a way that I am not proud of. I want to go back. Step one: Open the doors of Communication via Bible reading and prayer. Can’t have a relationship without conversation now can we? Step two: Fellowship and accountability. I’ve always been a member of a church but I don’t think I’ve ever committed to a body of believers. A friend of mine sat in Ben & Jerry’s and spoke a little about this, “We’re made to be with other people….God gave us each other to help out.” These have been things that I’ve always known and even lived by at least in college (trust me, at a Christian college, you understand community. Graduating is a weird thing because you are ripped out of the Christ-loving bubble you were so safe in). It’s time to make some grown-up relationships that are not based on our love for certain subjects or people but Christ’s love.

2. Perpetually clean room: …they say geniuses are messy, I must be a genius. I’ve been finding my messy space to actually be more of a distraction than anything right now. When I was commuting back and forth to school or work, I didn’t spend much time in more room, not as much as I thought I did anyway. Now that I am working from home and taking online courses, it is not only where I sleep, eyes closed for like 5-12 hours with no way of seeing the debris, but it is where I get work done. Step one: CLEAN THE ROOM!!!! This is actually quite hard. It gets a little frustrating when I am doing it. My head begins to feel congested and I simply don’t want to do it!!! But gotta get’er done Step two: always putting things back where they belong when I am through with them. I hear it takes 30 days to create a habit, maybe if I do it long enough, it’ll become my nature to be clean.

3. Read 12 books: This amounts to a book a month. Totally doable! This one isn’t too hard, I guess. Find the book and get to reading. I may have to tweak this one later.

4. Have 3 paying clients at all times: So this one may be a little harder. This one may take a little more planning but I do know that it is a goal. I currently have one and have a meeting on Monday with a potential. I need to start networking again and seeing where the prospects are. The steps to this have yet to be developed as I’ve been moving on dumb luck and not so much skill, I really am looking to the book I am reading for some ideas on better ways to conduct business as a freelancer.

5. Losing weight: My ultimate goal is to be 150 with a current starting weight of….uh, I’ll let the other blog speak to this issue a little more. Step one: change eating habits. I’m currently living on a pescetarian diet for this month to see how I like it and whether I can sustain it. Step two: start with exercising 3 days a week. Gotta love those wee hour workouts; they really do start the day off on an interesting foot!

There are many more goals that I have and I do wish that I’d been able to take the time and map them out over the weekend. I think I’ll make the attempt on Sunday. The way to achieve your goals is to know them and work toward them constantly.

…I don’t really have a kicker for this post. I’m a little tired so it will have to end on a bland note.

Ok bye!


The Big Four: What Wealth Looks Like

I’m back! It’s been a while and I’ve missed you dearly but I’ve been pretty busy between homeschooling the little one, starting the business and grad school. But here I stand……uh, sit on the floor writing to you about this new book that I am reading called The Wealthy Freelancer. It’s actually pretty late and if I plan on getting to the gym in the AM I should probably make this quick.

The part of the book I am at, which is not to far from the front cover, is talking about what it means to be successful and defines it as these four criteria:

1. The projects you want

2. The clients you want

3. The income you want

4. The lifestyle you want

Maybe criteria was not the appropriate word to use. These are more goals that you have in mind, the way that you envision yourself doing business and how these would be defined in your model. I’ve decided that I really need to hash these out. Though I could do it in my handy dandy notebook, I have decided to share my brainstorming of what my wealthy freelancing venture would look like with you. Here we go!

Projects: Well, I’m in PR. I want to be creative. What I would really like to work on are marketing events and press releases to announce new products, people and ventures. I love events and feel that there is nothing better than a well executed event but I also love to write. Though it sometimes feels a little bit tedious gathering the information, the story-telling process is amazing. Obviously for the sake of pitching I should keep my head from going too far into the clouds but this perspective keeps me entertained with what I am trying to do.

Clients: I like to be inspired by people and honestly work off of their zeal for their company. If you love what you do, more likely than not, I will too. I want to work with those that are excited about their ventures and have something awesome to offer. Maybe this is full idealism, but I would like to work with people that understand the time and care it takes to create and conduct a full campaign and that there is a reason I should be paid for what I do. I’ve heard horror stories.

Income: I’m going to be a little vague about this one and not use actual figures for the simply sake of privacy, but I would like to be able to support myself with what I make and be able to save enough for retirement and college for my little one. (I mean, we have 11 years until college…..gotta get a move on)

Lifestyle: I want to be able to homeschool my son and take the time with him that he needs, while being able to go on vacation to Disney World once a year. I want to be able to get my work done in a comfortable place, meet clients at nice locations where I can offer to buy them coffee or croissants (preferably chocolate chip ones) and have good laughs and relationships with them. I want to be able to get things for my family and friends, donate time and other things to charities and enjoy the life that I’ve been given. Maybe have an employee or two to help with certain projects. Another thing that I would really like to do is tuck my son into bed every night. I don’t want to be so overtaken by work, projects and deadlines that I can’t do that. I value the time I have with him. He won’t be 6 forever.

Though these are truly the things that I would look for in a wealthy freelancing career, I am not quite sure if I am finished hashing out what it is I want. I was planning on having a goal setting party all by myself on Saturday where I would name the goals and the steps it would take to achieve them so I guess I’ll add this to my festivities. Woo hop weekend fun!

Good night and happy goal setting!

I’m here for the App, not the ads!

Sitting with my Elle magazine, I come across a word that I am not familiar with while reading an article. As is my custom, I pull out my handy-dandy iPhone and go to my app (sincerely, my favourite app in the world. I love words!). I begin typing in my query and hit search. As the definition is about to finish loading, a video pops up on my screen. Usually when this happens, there is a little ‘X’ in the corner that I can hit before some advertiser invades my personal space, but this video did not have that option.

Ok, this is a little annoying. I then realize the sound on my phone is switched on so I can, at least, switch it off to avoid the barrage of sound that I know is coming my way. I hit the switch. The sound still comes. The sound still comes?

Confused and annoyed, I sit through an HP commercial for a laptop that I still don’t know the name of because I was trying to avoid the commercial with great earnest. I just wanted the definition of this word.

I truly understand that the developers of free apps need to be paid somehow, so, like many others, I bear the ads that are placed at the top and bottom of my screen. There are times when I will even click on one of these ads to at least see what they are about. Even the video ads that pop up, I will occasionally endure them knowing that I have the option to end it when I realize that the product that they are demonstrating is simply not for me. But to show me and ad that I cannot escape makes me feel invaded, and like the person who felt it was a good idea to molest my screen in such a way does not have respect for my time.

What I pull from this is that these advertisers feel that they have been ignored for too long and would like for their hard work to be seen, even if it is impeding on the viewer’s personal pursuits. If the advertising makes the viewer uncomfortable is it really doing a good job? The point of advertising is to show consumers what they may need and how this company can better improve their lives. well, my life did not feel like it was being made better by this video pop-up intentionally keeping me away from the word that I was trying to define.

Is this a good enough reason not to buy the product that they are selling? Probably not. But if I were in need of a new laptop that I could enjoy in my school library while sliding across tables and handing it to other people (if you saw the ad, you’ll know what I’m talking about) then I would think twice about this model, as their advertisiment annoyed me.