I’m here for the App, not the ads!

Sitting with my Elle magazine, I come across a word that I am not familiar with while reading an article. As is my custom, I pull out my handy-dandy iPhone and go to my Dictionary.com app (sincerely, my favourite app in the world. I love words!). I begin typing in my query and hit search. As the definition is about to finish loading, a video pops up on my screen. Usually when this happens, there is a little ‘X’ in the corner that I can hit before some advertiser invades my personal space, but this video did not have that option.

Ok, this is a little annoying. I then realize the sound on my phone is switched on so I can, at least, switch it off to avoid the barrage of sound that I know is coming my way. I hit the switch. The sound still comes. The sound still comes?

Confused and annoyed, I sit through an HP commercial for a laptop that I still don’t know the name of because I was trying to avoid the commercial with great earnest. I just wanted the definition of this word.

I truly understand that the developers of free apps need to be paid somehow, so, like many others, I bear the ads that are placed at the top and bottom of my screen. There are times when I will even click on one of these ads to at least see what they are about. Even the video ads that pop up, I will occasionally endure them knowing that I have the option to end it when I realize that the product that they are demonstrating is simply not for me. But to show me and ad that I cannot escape makes me feel invaded, and like the person who felt it was a good idea to molest my screen in such a way does not have respect for my time.

What I pull from this is that these advertisers feel that they have been ignored for too long and would like for their hard work to be seen, even if it is impeding on the viewer’s personal pursuits. If the advertising makes the viewer uncomfortable is it really doing a good job? The point of advertising is to show consumers what they may need and how this company can better improve their lives. well, my life did not feel like it was being made better by this video pop-up intentionally keeping me away from the word that I was trying to define.

Is this a good enough reason not to buy the product that they are selling? Probably not. But if I were in need of a new laptop that I could enjoy in my school library while sliding across tables and handing it to other people (if you saw the ad, you’ll know what I’m talking about) then I would think twice about this model, as their advertisiment annoyed me.


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