Logo Crazy!

So last night, I said to my brother, I think I’ll need a logo soon. Knowing that my brother is an amazing artist and has made a few logos for other companies before, I knew he would do an amazing job.

As I was walking up stairs, literally 20 seconds after I’d finished expressing my logo need, he told me to look at his computer screen.

Draft 1: a simple O with my company name underneath it. It looked awesome and I thought it was great but we kept tweaking through about five or 6 different drafts until we came up with this


I was beyond ecstatic as it all seemed so real. This is my logo for now. I don’t really think I’ll change it but I’m keeping my mind open.

I mean, I LOVE IT!!!!! and could totally see this on all of my material but oddly enough, the fact that he wasn’t completely pleased with it kind of throws me off. Not to mention one of my best friends, he starting changing it the second I sent it to him.

I think I need to just content with it because i actually love it.

LOVE IT!!!!!


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