I spent my days in a Starbucks.

There will always be those entrepreneur stories that begin with tales of hours spent in a coffee shop, utilizing the space as if it were they’re own office. Day after day sitting in their corner “cubicle” knowing the names of the employee by heart. I mean, if you’re there all the time, that’s what will happen.

These are the stories of triumph. Overcoming the criticism from those thinking Why don’t you just get a job? and the others that spot the weirdo in the corner day after day.

It was never my intention to make this my narrative but that is the direction I seem to be going. Both of the meetings that I had today ended with propositions. That’s very exciting! But when I look at my work environment, I realize I might need a new locale. There is nothing wrong with my home but being there is simply distracting. It’s a little hard to be a PR rep when I need to be a mom, daughter and sister first.

As much as I would like to begin my relocation tomorrow, I will be going to a conference about marketing to the government with one of the ladies from today. Again, quite exciting.

Maybe I should figure out a more original introduction to my memoir than “I spent my days in a Starbucks” but until I can figure something else out, that’s what it’ll have to be.


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