It’s the little things

For graduation, I treated myself to a photo shoot. I got all gussied up prior to my big day and sauntered about campus with a camera shutter following close behind. On the day of the graduation, my photographer was there too; yelling my name from the crowd, trying to get my attention so she could have that perfect shot. The shot of me walking with my classmates, proud of our four-year accomplishment, sitting among them, waiting in line for my diploma and then finally the moment of being handed my prize.
She did it all. Bounced around my family making sure to get shots of everyone on attendance so that I could not only look back at my college graduation with fondness but to have pictures to aid my memories.

While her service was impeccable and the shots, more beautiful than the stock photos you find already placed in picture frames, they are not what impressed me the most. I was completely won over by the presentation of my pictures.

In conversations prior to our sessions, she told me that she would give me the pictures on a flash drive. When the drive came it was in a perfect little wooden box with a sliding cover with her company name and logo on it. As I slid the top away I was greeted by a small, beautiful dark-wood object, also with the company name and logo on it that I soon found was my flash drive. Accompanying these little wooden treasures, I found a thank you note detailing her pleasure in working with and sharing a special time with me, all handwritten. The notecard, of course, had her company insignia.

The entire experience was new and fun for me but the presentation of my actual product was simply the fudge icing on the moist chocolate cake.

There was so many computer-generated details that come with event based public relations. Flyers, press releases, promotional materials, thank you notes and lists. I plan on giving my clients the same experience that I received. I will send a special package of some kind with a beautiful flash drive inside with a thank you note, all bearing my logo in the most elegant and inviting way.

Not only does something like this leave you with warm fuzzy feelings when you receive the work that has been done for you but it also shows great attention to details, that the person working for you has thought of everything. A great reason to work with them again and again.


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