When I fell in love

It all just seemed so glamourous the way she explained it all. She stood there about 5’8″ in her heels and beautiful black wrap dress, obviously well made as you could see the quality in the barely there stiching. She told the class about her exploits as a publicist for a talent agency called Vanguard and how she balances it all along with being a mother. She almost seemed magical as the words, “Dress like you’re eveyone else’s boss,” came from her mouth. At that moment watching her in my public relations class, I knew what I wanted to do.

She explained that the job was not all glitz and glamour. That you have to fight to earn and keep respect of your peers and media influencers who you want on your side. She told us that your personal life may occasionally take a hit for the sake of your work schedule. That everything she’s gotten, the people she’s met and the things she has, she’s worked for them and it is wholly possible for any of us to do it to.

That was nearly three years ago when I sat in that class room listening to my professor’s good friend and I knew that I would go into public relations.


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